Tunisia Refuses to Extradite Terrorism Suspects

Port_El_Kantaoui_Marina,_SousseOn 7 July 2015, the Prime Minister of Tunisia, Habib Essid stated that the country will refuse to extradite any of its nationals, in relation to the beach attack in Port El Kantaoui that killed thirty-eight people, including 30 British nationals. A report is here.


In a televised interview, Mr Essid stated: “Tunisia has no intention of handing over its sons to foreign judges if they are suspected of involvement in recent events in Sousse”.

There is no mutual extradition treaty in place between the United Kingdom and Tunisia.

During his address, Mr Essid stated that respect for the Tunisian constitution and international law had improved, since President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was overthrown in a revolution in January 2011.

“Tunisia has changed – we now have organisations and laws, and the government must implement its policies while respecting those laws.”

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