Family of Scott Harrison Unaware of His Whereabouts After Extradition to Spain

Boxing_gloves_Bail_10-OZ_(1)On 27 July 2015 it was reported that the family of the boxer, Scott Harrison, who is being detained in Spain following his extradition from the United Kingdom, in relation to a conviction for an alleged assault in 2012, are currently unaware of his whereabouts. Reports are here (paywall) and here.

On 25 April 2009, Mr Harrison, a former World Boxing Organisation Featherweight Champion, was found guilty of assault in Malaga, and sentenced to four years’ imprisonment. Spanish authorities alleged that he left the country before starting his sentence and a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) was issued for his arrest.

On 29 May 2015, Sheriff Thomas Welsh QC, sitting in Edinburgh Sheriff Court, ruled that Mr Harrison would be extradited to Spain. His application for leave to appeal was rejected by Lord Carloway, sitting with Lady Smith and Lady Clark. His bail application was also refused. Mr Harrison was extradited to Spain on 27 July 2015.

According to reports, Mr Harrison’s father and fiancée are currently unaware of his whereabouts. Mr Harrison’s father contends that officials at the British Consulate are refusing to disclose to him the location of Mr Harrison’s detention.

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