Lauri Love Fears Fair Trial Rights Will Be Denied if Extradited to the US


On 9 August 2015, it was reported that Lauri Love, who faces extradition to the United States to face hacking charges, fears that he will be denied a fair trial in the country. The report is here. A previous blog is here.

Mr Love, in his first official statement after his re-arrest on 15 July 2015, stated: “I would say my prospects of due process in America are essentially zero, and the prospect of extradition is tantamount to a punishment worse than any punishment from the UK justice system,”

“My parents and me are quite stressed. I have had time to acclimatise. My dad has had a heart condition and my mum is a natural worrier.”

He added, “The charges should be heard [in the UK]… where 12 of my peers should be found to try me.”

Mr Love’s full extradition hearing is expected at some point in December 2015, according to the report.

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