Montenegro appoints its first Liaison Prosecutor at Eurojust

Jelena Lučić Đaletić has been appointed by Montenegro as its first Liaison Prosecutor at Eurojust, the EU body set up to facilitate cooperation between Member States and certain third-party countries in serious cross-border criminal matters. Liaison Prosecutors coordinate between Eurojust and non-EU Member States.

Montenegro and Eurojust signed a cooperation agreement on 3 May 2016, and it joins the USA, Norway, and Switzerland as the fourth non-EU Member State country with a Liaison Prosecutor seconded to Eurojust.

Since 2015, she has been a prosecutor at the High State Prosecutor’s Office in Montenegro. Eurojust’s press release is here.

Saudi Arabia to seek extradition of corruption suspects

Saudi Arabia has recently detained a number of high-profile businessmen and public figures on accusations of corruption. Its public prosecutor has now announced that it will also seek the extradition of corruption suspects living abroad, though has not yet identified any targets.

Although Saudi Arabia has said the moves are a crackdown on corruption, others believe it is an attempt by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to consolidate his power. This perception may make it more difficult for Saudi Arabia to secure the extradition of suspects living abroad.