A former Lithuanian parliamentarian is currently trying to avoid extradition from the US, claiming she will be murdered if she is returned to Lithuania for her involvement in the reporting of a government paedophile ring who victimised her niece. Earlier this week, her lawyers argued that she should be granted a stay of one year whilst she applies for political asylum in the US. Today, a Federal judge delayed her judgment on the potential of a year-long stay for a further month. The Lithuanian government requested Ms Venkiene’s extradition from the US for failing to obey a Lithuanian Court Order and relinquish custody of her niece. Prosecutors in Chicago argue that the charges against her in Lithuania are minor misdemeanours that have been fabricated to veil the Lithuanian government’s political motive to punish Venkiene for leading a political movement aimed at exposing government paedophilia and corruption. However, it is unlikely that she will be able to avoid extradition as the State Department approved the order for her extradition in April.

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