Dmitry Firtash extradition from Austria to US halted for “immediate future”

An Austrian court has halted the extradition of Dmitry Firtash from Austria to the US, while it hears an application to reconsider its original extradition order. Mr Firtash is a Ukrainian billionaire linked to President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, and is wanted by the US on bribery charges relating to titanium deals in India.

His lawyer told a federal Court in Chicago that it was unlikely Firtash would be extradited “in the immediate future”, having previously expected him to be extradited before the end of 2017.

Austrian Supreme Court approves extradition of Aslan Gagiev to Russia

Austria’s Supreme Court has granted Russia’s extradition request for alleged organised crime boss Aslan “Dzhako” Gagiev. His organisation is said to have carried out over 60 contract killings, including against government officials. He was arrested in Austria in January 2015.

The Supreme Court had postponed Gagiev’s extradition, after it was approved by a lower court last year, in order to determine the conditions in which he would be detained on return to Russia. In its ruling, the Court was satisfied by Russia’s guarantee that Gagiev would not be the victim of human rights abuses following his extradition.

Russia’s request for extradition focuses on Gagiev’s activities in North Ossetia, where he is alleged to have formed a criminal organisation and been directly involved in 6 murders.  Over half the members of his organisation, which is said to have once numbered over 46 individuals, have now been handed prison sentences or are in custody.

He is also the subject of an extradition request by Bulgaria, which accuses him of forging official documents.