Brazilian man faces extradition after attending Russian World Cup match

This week Mr Rodrigo Dinardi Vicentini attended Brazil’s World Cup group stage match in Russia where he was promptly arrested by Russian authorities and may face extradition back to Brazil. Mr Vincentini has been flagged by INTERPOL as wanted by the Brazilian authorities since 2017. He is accused of being involved in the robberies of a number of Brazilian post offices and could face up to 50 years in prison if he is convicted upon his return to Brazil.

Kazakhstan has plans to sign extradition treaties with countries around the world

Kazakhstan’s Deputy Prosecutor General Andrey Lukin has said that Kazakhstan intends to sign extradition treaties with Brazil, Jordan, Macedonia, Greece, and Portugal. It currently has 18 such treaties in place already, as well as 2 multilateral conventions within the CIS, Minsk, and Chisinau.