France joins Russia and US in requesting extradition of Alexander Vinnik

Alexander Vinnik has been imprisoned in northern Greece since last summer. He was originally arrested after the US requested his extradition to face charges of laundering more than $4 billion on a bitcoin trading platform. This week France joined Russia and the US who are already competing to have Vinnik extradited. French authorities would like Vinnik extradited so he can face cybercrime, money-laundering and extortion charges. The Supreme Court of Greece has already ruled in favour of extraditing him to the United States, but another lower Greek court ruled for his extradition to Russia. The case is ongoing, but it will be the Greek Justice Minister who has the final word on Vinnik’s extradition.


Greek court rules in favour of US in competing extradition claim with Russia

Although Vinnik denies all US charges against him, saying he was merely a technical consultant for BTE-e, he has said he is willing to return to Russia to be tried on less serious fraud charges. This is not the first occasion on which Russia has contested a US extradition request for a Russian national by lodging its own competing request (see previous blog).